Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So there was this guy
Who loved to work a lot
Because it kept him busy
Too busy to think 'bout what he really wants to do
He was a helluva liar
So he lied to friends, parents and himself
That this was what he was always meant to do..
This "working a lot" thing

But one day something cracked within
He walked into his boss's cabin
And told him exactly what he thought of him
And went back home and told his dad
That he is off to a north-eastern log cabin
He will be back soon - to his prospective jobs and prospective brides
He booked his tickets for the 36 hour train ride
His dad smirked and asked him to book the return for a week later

Now he found his log cabin, overlooking the Teesta
He found good scotch, and a packet of cigarettes
He found pen and paper
He lost his laptop and ipad
He found Gilmour and Lennon and Knopfler
He lost the internet and the TV and the newspaper, even!

And he wrote and wrote and wrote
He wrote through sobriety, drunkenness and stonedness
He wrote through depression and joy and anger
10000 words, 30000 words, 60000 words

6 months passed and the return ticket never got bought
And then one night, he read all that he wrote
He read through that night and day
Then laughed and burnt it all away

He came back and got a "respectable job"
He came back and got a "pretty wife"
And never did anybody know
How those 6 months did go


nidhi said...

The worst thing to do is to judge yourself.
Stop being petty. What you finally do is what you wanted to do 1% more than what he dint end up doing.
Its a good post. Theoretically.
Practically, you have a good life. So enjoy it and be happy.
We will all go to your north eastern log cabin together though. One Day. Soon!

Akanksha said...

:) When are we meeting, Kunjee?