Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have put down my papers. Come September 27th, I won’t be wearing formals for a long, long time.
I thought of writing this sentimental post on how it feels to be at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump into the unknown.. and blah blah! Then I thought I’ll just put my itinerary here and let you do the imagining.

Phase 1
27th Sept 7:55 am – Depart by train for Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
7th Oct – Reach Amritsar from Srinagar
14th Oct – Reach Kangra from Amritsar
21st Oct – Reach Mussoorie from Kangra
28th Oct – Reach Delhi from Kangra
4th Nov – Reach Mughal Sarai from Delhi
12th Nov – Return home for Diwali

Phase 2
19th Nov – Depart by train for Bangalore, Karnataka
26th Nov – Reach Pondicherry from Bangalore
3rd Dec – Reach Vizag from Pondicherry
10th Dec – Reach Puri from Vizag
17th Dec – Reach Dantewada from Puri
25th Dec – Return home for Christmas/New Year

Phase 3
1st Jan – Reach Vasco, Goa – Ideally from Anjuna where I would like to bring in the New Year if friends permit
8th Jan – Reach Surat from Vasco
15th Jan – Reach Ujjain from Surat
22nd Jan – Reach Jaipur from Ujjain – Attend the Jaipur Litfest (24th to 28th Jan) among other things
30th Jan – Return home for Mom’s birthday

Phase 4
5th Feb – Depart by train/air for Bodh Gaya, Bihar
13th Feb – Reach Ranchi from Bodh Gaya
20th Feb – Reach Kolkatta from Ranchi
27th Feb – Reach Gangtok from Kolkatta
5th Mar – Reach Dispur from Gangtok
12th Mar – Reach Itanagar from Dispur
20th Mar – Return home for the “Closing of books” (Warning – stupid CA joke) on 31st March

And do what, you ask?
Well, write short stories set in each of these places. The best I can.
Whatever story comes out in those 6 days in that place. Whatever that place inspires in me.
At best, I would have found peace and tranquillity and joy in my fancy new Carter Road bachelor pad!
At worst, when I go back to staring at excel sheets, I’ll know I tried my damned best.

P.S. – Watch this space for more.


Anuj said...

Hhahahaha Epic. To call it Baazigar. And to do what you're doing.

Go Fly.

alpesh patel said...

Ja jile aapni zindagi !!!

neeraj said...

Good stuff, Kunjie. It sounds damn nice.

One thing though, no trains to Srinagar, so you'll have to take the train to Jammu first up, and then from there it's an 8 hour drive to Srinagar.

Kunj Sanghvi said...

Thanks, Nero boy.. If Im planning such a long trip, trust me to atleast figure that much out! My train is booked till Jammu Tawi and then ill take the bus to Srinagar :)

Jayati Somani said...


Jayati Somani said...


neeraj said...

Haha, yeah man! Sorry, working in a travel company, I immediately start analyzing a travel post for the route(s) it takes.

I'd like to be there travelling with you in some part of your grand trip, else you're anyway coming over to my place when you are in Delhi.

Miti said...


Miti said...


Pratz said...

Looking fwd to read those stories

aparajita said...

Wish you the very best of luck! Beware though, you might end up with something completely different from what you expect, you know if you enjoy the 'not-knowing' :)

Akanksha said...

SO excited for you, Kunjee. :) And waiting to see how this journey pans out for you, literally and figuratively. I second Alpesh's 'Jaa, jee le apni zindagi'!

Meri duaaen tere saath hain. :) ;)

Anita said...

Inspiring to say the least! Best of luck for the journey! Looking forward to the updates :)