Thursday, May 23, 2013


There is a question

The question is, are you a traveler?

The question is not whether you ‘like’ travelling

It’s not even related to how often you travel

It barely has anything to do with how or why you travel

The question is, quite simply, are you a traveler?

Because if you are, then the world will have a serious problem with you

Because travelling really has very little to do with destinations

It is the willingness of the mind to journey beyond its known refuges & homes

And then if that’s the case, who’s to say when & where to draw the line?

A traveler travels from one state of being to another – ceaselessly and restlessly – forever

He travels in emotion, in personality, in friends, in aspirations, and so on

So he fleets from arrogance to self-loathing, from depression to joyful elation

From righteousness to debauchery, from extrovert to introvert

From ‘money & fame’ to ‘joy & satisfaction’, from MBA to Neruda 
He always finds joy in the new and not in the good

Every new feeling is a celebration, a new railway station

& then what’s sacrosanct, constant, reliable?

Real twisted ones don’t take up politics or crime

They identify themselves as travelers

Deranged bastards


Candour said...

Just love it!
How did you find the words to say this so simply...!?
And you're pretty deranged, btw! Of course, you do know that.

Unknown said...
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Dhairya Sanghvi said...

love it... 'He always finds joy in the new and not in the good'

Unknown said...

Wonderfully written. Loved the MBA to Neruda line :)

-Pratap Kaul | PGP-18

Ritika Gupta said...

Beautiful read Kunj... totally agree with it! Cheers

Shreya said...

Deranged bastards :P