Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sometimes all you need to do is write a blog post on what you wish to do
And then, magically, it happens
I wrote abut how i loved travelling as a child
And here I am today with a travel plan that will require me to take just 3 days off from work

And so it begins,
Six trips to six different places over the next six weeks

Panchgani, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Gwalior/Shivpuri
Some are road trips, some are flight trips, some are train trips
I will encounter nostalgia on some, wonder on some, peace on some

There are cities and hills and lakes and music concerts
There is dal makhani and hukka and ulundu dosa and aloo ki tikki
There will be close friends, funny friends, hardly-friends and office colleagues

There will be Pink Floyd and Dire Straits and Ghulam Ali on my playlist
There will be Naomi Klein and Hunter S Thompson and Anita Desai for company in the long journeys
There will be rucksacks and over-nighters and laptop bags to carry
There will be 5 star hotel rooms and seedy guest houses and exotic jungle resorts and tents to live in
There will be work and trekking and games and also a wedding

I hope to enjoy come what may - betrayal by friends or flights
I hope to learn a lot over the next few weeks
I hope to find inspiration to embark on a project on Bombay I have been contemplating for very long
I hope to be ALIVE

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Miti said...

Sounds brilliant!