Monday, January 17, 2011

second chances

Hello everybody,
After years spent in the blogging wilderness, trying to find an ounce of self-respect for the way I write and think, I have finally mustered courage to put together a blog post. Its funny how even as I begin to write this post, I dunno if ill reach its end – and even if I do, I dunno if I will post it.
I encountered some exceptional writers and thinkers in the last few years;
Sunder, Neeraj, Shreya, Krittika, Anuj, Ankit, Archita, Dikshita, Mudra, Nidhi – I bow to thee and your writing prowess – each of you have your own unique appeal.
Also, people like Mehta, Sachin and Shakey who have their own graphic way of expression but as impressive if not more
More articulate and erudite than I ever thought myself to be! Somewhere the competition to please a reader more than someone else took over me and I realized I would come second. I would be the Chetan Bhagat to their Arundhati Roy or VS Naipaul. I also think I am more equipped to write today than I ever was. Not because I have seen more of the world – which I definitely have – but because my reasons are much more correct – the heart is, finally, in the right place.
So I promise to not write to please. I promise to not write to showcase my dismal array of words. I promise to not get bogged down by the Ayn Rands around me. It will be simple pedestrian stuff you will read on every other fool’s blog who is egged on by his friend to
a. dazzle the women with your hold over the language, or
b. share your uniquely humdrum and routine life with people who can “see a bit of themselves in you”, or
c. state it in a b-school/job/wedding (im gujju!) interview – just fudge the hits, yaar!
Anyways, diving right into things, this blog will have random film reviews, thoughts about the media industry, cricket, snippets from my life, and I shall attach funny demeaning nicknames for my closest friends so that they can be embarrassed in public and I can feel proud to have left a legacy.
One joke cracked. That took all the effort and spelling and grammar check in the world to get it right.
My mantra for the blog – brevity is the soul of wit.
Will try and stay true to it.. but if I don’t then kindly bear with me.. as I slowly but surely try to bring down the word count.. and try to be funny and interesting in the process (38 words in a sentence!!.. maybe I should rush back into the blogging wilderness)
Till the next time I can gather courage to put something down and put it up (funny sentence!).. toodles!!
p.s. – if you are one of those losers who has not read much in life and hence by extension think I have some unique writing skills, commenting on my first post in ages would spur me on to seize the moment and write more. Also, if you are one of those best friends who encouraged me to write in the first place, its ur duty to comment!


Anuj Gosalia said...

Fulfilling duty. Welcome aboard bitch :)

To all those who will comment (I know lots will) : please visit ... for the exemplary writing Kunj was referring to :P

Candour said...

I am not a loser. I have read a lot. I am not your best friend. I have not urged you to blog.
Yet... please continue writing!

P.S. - Neither am I doing this to get muft ka info and feedback on MICA! :P

Ankit Doshi said...

Finally back to doing something you're good at - ranting and romanticizing creatively.

I hope you're honest :-)

Ankit Doshi

Atrisa said...

Bring it on! But please don't give me an embarrassing name, let it be limited to only the ones that call you Tomato and Kunj-O-Rani :P

Mudra said...

Blog mention, blog mention! Yay! :) Anyway, all the best with this, you're totally going to enjoy it if you just manage to keep at it and not go over to the dark side (Twitter).

nidhi said...

Kunjorani !!

Shreya said...

Finally! And I am just silently repeating my first ever words to you. You know what they are :D

richa shaha said...

i am so glad i got a chance to read your blog (thanks to you..:)) and i just have one thing to say-please continue writing.

Akanksha said...

Just saw this, Kunj. Glad you're back to writing, and hope you do more of it. :)

Best, always.