Friday, July 13, 2012


I have a weekend of doing absolutely nothing to look forward to
I am sitting at home on a friday night with no work to finish and no one to meet
So i copy paste a tag I came across on the blog of this senior from work whom I really admire
And then I write 900 words of crap
The tag is the number 8
Here goes

Eight Things I am Passionate About
1.    Indian Media – so many layers, so many sub-plots, so much money
2.    Indian Cinema – every era, every hero, every director
3.    Cricket – dreamt of becoming Sachin, then Harsha, now Neville Cardus
4.    Mumbai’s street food – yes its limited, but I am vegetarian and it serves me well
5.    Lyrics of songs – The beauty, simplicity and music of poetry
6.    Mumbai - as a city, as a muse
7.    Social sciences – it has opened up a new world to me, which my education had hitherto kept hidden from me
8.    Cars – I don’t enjoy driving them. I enjoy sitting in them. I want one for every mood, every occasion

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1.    Own a yacht
2.    Give autographs
3.    Give a speech to more than 1000 people at a time
4.    Make a movie with Shahrukh and Aamir together
5.    Find a way to capture the beauty and importance of Rahul Dravid and show it to my kids someday
6.    Appear in the primary school social science textbooks
7.    Become a Harvard scholar
8.    Spend my last years on an island owned by me

Eight Places I Want to Visit
1.    London – the city my Grandfather told me millions of stories about
2.    Pakistan – to ascertain how different/similar we really are
3.    Konya, Turkey – Prof Matthew used to talk about it. Find Rumi fascinating
4.    Andamans – I want to write a story set in the cellular jail there
5.    Iran – the home of some very courageous artists, film-makers, writers
6.    New Zealand – the unbelievably different flora and fauna that exists there
7.    Sydney – technically, I don’t want to visit the place. I want to live there. It is one of the most expensive and beautiful cities in the world
8.    New York – Well, because it is the media and marketing capital of the world. Also because it is such a crazy melting pot of cultures

Eight Things I Say Often
1.    Ok – in a very derogatory, superior sort of way. To end an argument which I feel uninterested in continuing
2.    Stranger things have happened – coz i really believe in it
3.    What The Fuck! – I work in media, I studied in MICA, I live in Mumbai. I obviously encounter wonder on a daily basis!
4.    Boss – Because ‘Bhaiyya’ is too Delhi thuggish and in Bombay, right from the autodriver to the domestic help to your actual senior, are truly, your boss
5.    Yo! – picked it up from the younger bro, makes me feel younger than I am
6.    Signal se right lena. Right hai nahi, par log le lete hain. Warna ekdum aage se u-turn maarke aana padega. Aapki marzi hai. – once everyday to the taxi driver on my way to office
7.    Boss, follow up chalu hai. Uska TOI ke saath exclusive deal hai. We will try our best – for every ad I have ever missed
8.    Kya kare boss, isse zyaada ka visibility nahi dikh raha iss month. We will try our best – for every time the boss wants to increase the target

Eight Books I Have Read Recently
1.    Chinaman by Shehan Karunatilaka – beautiful book on sport and life in Sri Lanka
2.    Hamlet’s Blackberry by William Powers – Awesome insights on how to not become a slave to technology in today’s world
3.    The Meaning of Sport by Simon Barnes – easily the best book I have read this year.
4.    Sea of Poppies by Amitava Ghosh – very imaginative, engaging story-telling
5.    The Fourth Estate by Jeffery Archer – coz I read it once every few months
6.    Lucknow Boy by Vinod Mehta – an insider’s look into the Indian media world
7.    Death in Mumbai by Meenal Baghel – the story of Maria Susairaj. Good journalistic work
8.    Adventures in a TV Nation – Micheal Moore’s inside look on a reality show that shook America

Eight Songs I Can Listen to Again and Again
1.    Subah Hone Na De from Desiboys – Sorry, but I am in love with this song
2.    Wahan kaun hai tera from Guide – SD Burman’s voice and a very melancholy mood makes this song very close to me
3.    Maaeri by Euphoria – too many memories, too many associations
4.    Somewhere only we know by Keane – MICA nostalgia song I
5.    Anjani raahon mein kya dhundta phire by Lucky Ali – MICA nostalgia song II
6.    Wicked Game by Chris Isaak – Doubles up as a great love as well as make-out song
7.    High Hopes by Pink Floyd – What lyrics, what guitar!
8.    Sultans of Swing Live at Alchemy by Dire Straits – What drums, what guitar, what a voice!

Eight Things That Attract Me to My Friends
1.    Open-mindedness
2.    Talkativeness
3.    Willingness to trust
4.    Willingness to argue your point till either one drops dead
5.    Sarcasm
6.    Looks
7.    Knowledge of things I have no clue of
8.    Artistic pursuit

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gogi said...

No one to meet?!! Fu%&*r...

Good post by the way. Will listen to all your songs once today.